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Modern Global International School is located in Qortuba within Solidere Compound and Digital city. The school is committed to teaching and enforcing high-quality academic standards for grades (K-6) in addition to an educational nursery. The school strives to cultivate a family environment in which students can grow and explore learning. Read more



Frankly, I was afraid of online education, but actually Mrs. Shani is wonderful, and the recording and videos are clear and she is following up on the first grades of students in the main subjects, thank you for your efforts. One must mention the positive, not only the negative.

Sally Almanasra
Joud’s parent

I Would you like to appreciate your efforts, special acknowledgment to Ms. Parish for her support and help to the students.

Akram Meriden
Moustafa’s parent

Zaina wants me to send this message from her to all her teachers, we deeply appreciate the hard work you all are doing in preparing and managing their work from homes in this difficult time, and for being available all times for our help. Your effort means a lot.

Maham Farhan
Zaina’s parent

I love this school; this was my best year.

Mr. Khaldon Alrawashdeh
Mohamad Alrawashdeh’s parent

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Global school has helped my son recognize and experience the pleasures and rewards of learning.


Global school is a perfect fit for my unique daughter.


MGIS is doing a great job, more than many other schools. Appreciate your efforts in such testing times.

Syeda Tehreem Qamar
Syeda’s parent

Hello Ms. Sahar, concerning the online learning guide provided here, it’s helpful and easy to use. At first, Saud was hesitated to do any school work at home. However, the videos promoted him to do the work. Also, I think these assignments are giving children something to do with all restrictions we are facing with the Corona Virus.

Mirah Bashiti
Saud’s parent

I’m very thankful honestly, our school is doing sooo great compared to Al-Faisal school. What I’ve heard from Moms today I felt proud of our guys doing a great job. For me, I really appreciate your efforts especially you dear.

Yazan Abedel Khleq’s parent

“Ms. Soha”, thank you and all the teachers who stand beside our kids in this pandemic. I saw how other schools did and we are very grateful for our school support. We send our prayers in this holy month and wishing you lovely and safe vacation.

Mariam’s mother
Mariam Grade 4 parent

Thank you to all the wonderful teachers of grade4/ boys and grade2/ girls.

Waheeda Khan
Mohid Khan’s parent

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