Arabic Language Curriculum

Arabic is the language of the holy Quran and the native language of the region. Arabic is also spoken by over 300 million people spread all over the world. It is one of the World’s top 5 most spoken languages. Teaching Arabic to all MGIS students will benefit their future job opportunities as it is one of the most used languages in business. Learning Arabic will get them ahead in future careers including industry in business, engineering, medical, education, and international relations. Modern Global International Schools give great attention to teaching Arabic and Islamic as essential part of our core curriculum subjects. We follow the Ministry of Education (KSA Subjects) curriculum for Islamic studies, Arabic language, and Social Studies. MGIS also offers our students who are non-native speakers of Arabic the opportunity to learn it as a second language. We offer Arabic as a second language class for all grades. The Arabic curriculum objectives includes:

  • students are learning and understanding the fundamentals of reading, writing, speaking, and listening through communicative teaching strategies.
  • students are engaging in a variety of interactive learning methodologies that include questioning and answering techniques, analyzing the meaning of the words, and participating performance activities.
  • students are studying and practicing grammatical and spelling rules that will enable them to easily apply those rules in assignments, class activities, and in real life situations.


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