English Curriculum

The English Curriculum has been developed to support the Common Core State Standard (CCSS), which supports and enhances the teaching techniques and resources to help students meet latest standards. American Common Core English Curriculum’s close reading resources help students uncover the deeper meaning of a text while its informational texts build nonfiction comprehension and content knowledge. Also, the genre study books help students understand and evaluate diverse text types, and its leveled books develop students’ ability to comprehend and respond to increasingly complex texts. Leveled reading provides texts for differentiated small-group instruction. American Common Core English Curriculum’s core reading and writing structure provides students with comprehensive literacy instruction that include effective resources for diverse learners.This structure includes reading mini-lessons that support close reading and metacognition, explicit phonics and word study instruction that builds strong foundational skills, precisely leveled texts for small-group instruction and differentiation, in addition to writing mini-lessons that support process writing and writing to sources. In K-6, fulfilling the standards requires a 50-50 balance between informational and literary reading. Informational reading includes content-rich nonfiction in history/social studies, sciences, technical studies, and the arts. The K-6 College and Career Ready Standards for Literacy strongly recommend that texts—both within and across grades—be selected to support students in systematically developing knowledge about the world. The goal of MGIS’s ELA program is to help students:

  • read and analyze a variety of classic and contemporary literature and other texts for a variety of purposes and learn about literary history and theory. In addition, enhance vocabulary through text-based study while independent reading is encouraged through the Accelerated Reader program.
  • investigate universal truths, enduring issues and recurring themes to define issues and problems, using both primary texts from history and science in addition to visual and electronic media.
  • write in a variety of forms and different audience’s contexts and genres using the writing process that occurs in a variety of contexts and for a variety of purposes.
  • engage intelligently in collaborative discourse and debate as well as presentations that encourage them to think critically and argue source material to frame arguments effectively.
  • master the tools and practices of inquiry and research by writing formal research papers with correct documentation as required by the intellectual demands of being both college and career ready.

American Common Core English Curriculum Literacy program is a comprehensive, research-proven program that empowers both experienced and beginning teachers with best-practice tools for vertically aligned reading, writing, speaking, listening, and language instruction. The American Common Core English Curriculum ELA program provides the following:

  • high-quality informational, narrative, and opinion/argument texts.
  • complex texts for close reading applying text-dependent strategies.
  • differentiated support for English learners and special needs students.
  • customized professional development services and state-of-the-art interactive technology.
  • vocabulary builders; such as phonics, word study, and fluency foundational skills to produce proficient readers.
  • a scaffold system that helps ALL students to access complex informational and literary texts during whole- group.
  • a guided system that helps students use text evidence in close reading.
  • opportunities for students to develop collaborative conversations.
  • developed writing strategies that teaches different writing processes.
  • we offer English as a Second Language to non-native speakers.


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